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Activate Your Intuition

We all have innate abilities – also known as our sixth sense.  Some people are naturally gifted in that it comes easefully for them, but for most of us – just like running a race, or playing an instrument – we need practice to get better!

Join us for a FREE 4-day video series to TURN YOUR INTUITION ON and build the muscle.  Consistency is key. You will be blown away by the intuitive power you already possess within you!


*Even if you feel like you already know your intuition well, this event will show you some new ways to be in relationship with it!



sixth sense

TRUST what your intuition is telling you!

Do you listen to your gut feelings often?

This is important information, but it’s not always a direct message from you intuition!

Yes, your body is speaking to you when you feel that ping in your stomach, and it’s a signal to PAY ATTENTION, but then it’s necessary to have ways to tap into intuition to discern what the message actually is!

Join us for this event, and we’ll give you the foundation to sit in your intuitive knowingness – literally how to sit inside your 3rd eye – and ask what those gut feelings mean!



Is This my Imagination?


One question that comes up a lot, in regards to opening up to one’s intuition, is “how do I know I am not imagining this, or making it up?” When people start to tune into their intuition it is often our default to not trust it, and instead label it as  imagination.

There is a level of discernment between the two, yes, but the truth is: what we have learned to label as our imagination is often how our intuition speaks to us — through vivid images in our minds eye, knowings streaming in without effort or analyzing, a sudden random pain, scents appearing out of nowhere, etc.

Learning to pay attention, not judge it, and trust it is key. It can be quite mind-blowing, actually. 🤯 

This event will ACTIVATE your intuitive senses and put you on the path to increase commincation, trust, and discernment with your intuition!

You will also get a taste of how your imagination and your intuition work together to help. you create your reality. Water your intentions with your intuitive curiosity and see what grows!





join us!

Activate Your Intuition


Join us, in community – from the comfort of your own space – for 4 days to ignite your sixth sense When you tap into the power of your intuition – learning how to listen to it, and really begin to trust it – you will put yourself on a path to creating a whole new embodiment of your life! Your heart will soar as you begin to follow the path of your highest knowing.

Once you sign-up we will send you all the deets on how to access the videos that will guide you through an easy to follow, step-by-step process, to step into the brilliance of your intuitive knowing!

You will begin receiving the VIDEO SERIES IN YOUR EMAIL SOON!

We Are Your Facilitators…

Stacia Synnestvedt, founder of, has an effortless, yet certain, way of holding the space to help individuals connect inward, to truly know their intuition, and how it can enhance the body-mind-spirit relationship.

Maren J Miller is an intuitive psychic and reiki practitioner. She teaches energy tools and holds space for change makers to unravel layers in order to move towards their authentic purpose. She is on a mission to empower conscious, reflective change-makers like you.

…and we are so excited to help you activate your intuition!