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Do I have to be "super" intuitive to take these classes and be a part of your community?

We are all innately intuitive! However, many have disconnected from their 6th-sense. Some will re-open to it, and some will not. Just like most things in life, some are naturally more intuitively gifted, and some require more practice. No matter where you are in the spectrum, we are certain that there is something here that can help you to trust, shape, or master your intuitive knowingness!

Why are some classes audio and not video?

We find that sometimes, for the heavily meditaiton based courses, it’s better to stay tuned inward, rather than have the temptation to open your eyes and look at what might be going on in a video.

What kind of support to you offer during these classes?

It really depends on which one you are enrolled in, but are always available via email to help you work through questions you might have, and if you need more support we also have packages for more personalized guidance and one-on-one study to help you! We always encourage reaching out for support when doing this work!