Reclaim Your Space

A 3-part series with transformative tools and meditations to clear your space, attune to your intuition, and bring conscious awareness to your intentions!

In this class, you will learn techniques to: ground yourself • set healthy personal and energetic boundaries • run energy to clear and own your space • gain awareness into undesirable patterns •  become more present, intentional and take inspired action towards your desires and purpose

These tools become an integral part of your daily experience, and really change the game. This class is great for everyone, but especially profound for highly sensitive and empathic individuals.

A set of simple tools to shift your life!

This offering provides a great intro framework for those that think they can’t meditate, or even for those that already have a practice but are looking to better understand their energy. Eventually, the techniques can become an integral part of your life and utilized at anytime, without the need for a full meditation!

Learn easy to call upon techniques to:

Feel More Grounded

Learn an easy visualization to ground into the earth and release what is not serving you! This can bring more balance, focus and sense of personal well-being!

Take Steps To Clear What Isn’t Yours

We exchange energy with others all the time, and the dynamics of this may cause depletion, emotional overwhelm and more that can really affect a person’s vitality. You will learn an “active” visualization to clear energy that isn’t yours. Doing this helps you to get to know YOU! Then, we’ll learn how to call-back and replenish your own energy, that is left throughout daily life, to help increase your own personal vitality

Trust Your Intuition

Learn where your center of intuition resides in the body, and experience how shifting to this perspective can give you clarity on intuition – you might be surprise to find out it’s different than your “gut feeling”.

Understand The Implications of Being Empathic

Awareness in how you may be taking on energy in unconscious or unhealthy ways is important, and these meditations can be an useful component to liberating your well-being. Your intuition is a partner in this!

Set Energetic Boundaries

We’ll give you some fun visualizations to set energetic boundaries, so that you minimize how much of other people’s “stuff” you are taking on! When it comes to energy, setting a boundary goes beyond just telling someone ‘no’! We will also visually demonstrate how your thought/intention with the boundary is actually having an effect!

Visualize, Align & Receive Your Desires

All the personal development gurus suggest changing your mindset, but HOW? Do you feel like “The Secret” doesn’t work? There are more steps that many people don’t go into! We will introduce you to some important philosophies when it comes to your intentions. When you unlock your intuition, and use it to understand and align your own energy, is when the REAL magic of life comes in.

If you answered yes

to one or more of the above questions, then you will access more personal awareness and power with this course.

This class is great for everyone, but especially profound for highly sensitive and empathic individuals.

But who am I to invite you on this journey?

Hi, I’m Stacia!

I’m an intuitive teacher & healer.

I have always been highly sensitive, but didn’t realize it for most of my life. I spent most of my childhood sick, and several years of my adult life feeling fatigued, foggy and seeking conventional answers from conventional avenues.

I was left feeling hopeless and confused, with no solutions to my vague problems.

When I stumbled upon a practical course where I learned about energy and its effect on our health, it was the answer I was looking for. I went on to take a liberating year long Clairvoyant Self-healing Training. I almost missed this life-changing opportunity because I didn’t believe I was intuitive! Boy, was I wrong!

Today, I am a Certified Intuitive Teacher and an Ordained Spiritual Minister.

It is my life’s mission to support others as they transform themselves with the help of their intuition, and I have been teaching these tools and techniques for over a decade.

Ready to bust the myths around intuition and change your life?

No matter what level you are at in relationship with your intuition, this 5-day Intuitive Awareness game will be fun for you! Please join me!

What people are saying:

I was initially drawn to Stacia’s Reclaim Your Space class because I am an empath/Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and wanted to learn some tools to set emotional boundaries for myself in my day to day life. The skills that I gained from the class were invaluable. This course has been nothing short of life changing. Vanessa Badolato

Fempreneur, Online Boutique Owner, Love Delphine

I lost myself, and disconnected from my spiritual journey, in mommy hood, barely having enough time for simple self-care like showering. Energetic tools weren’t on my radar, even though, prior to kids it was a passion of mine. As a Mom, I forgot to put on the oxygen mask first, and THEN tend to my kiddos. I remember the excitement when signing up for Stacia’s class paired with a little guilt that I was attending a class for ME. I started with the first couple of classes, and have not looked back. These tools have been life-changing. What I can say about that first class was that immediately it felt like home. I knew that there was something quite unique with Stacia’s teaching style. I wanted to gain more certainty over my intuition, and I knew that she was the perfect person to introduce me to a curriculum of transformative tools facilitating stepping into my own personal power and truth! Jen McNerney

Licensed speech-pathologist, Mindful Little Talkers

Reclaim Your Space was a life changer for me, and not only because the program was so well organized and prepared, but because Stacia was so consciously aware of the energies that were in the class. Learning to harness my power, from an inward state, has been the most beneficial tool in my “reality” toolbox. Since I started the program, I have continued with Stacia, diving deeper into my inner awareness and grabbing a hold of the best version of myself. I now have the tools to know what to correct and how to correct it. This has lead to less physical anxiety, a more successful relationship with my partner, and even a growth in my business! I’m coming from a more neutral state now, and confidently moving within my strengths and passions.

Mara Shultz

President, The Redefiners

It is possible for you too.