Energy Awareness & Spiritual Philosophies for Therapists to experientially explore the intersection between Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Evolve Your Private Practice

Utilize proven Intuitive Tools,

Energy Awareness Techniques,

& Spiritual Principles

to help YOU personally

and professionally.

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Join us for an 6-month experiential container to explore the intersection between psychotherapy and spirituality, where life-changing techniques and philosophies will be shared in an embodied way that can enhance your own self-healing and client-support practices.

IMPORTANT DETAILS!  WEEKLY MEETINGS START Monday, March 6th, 10:00am-Noon MT. The course will be presented in 26-weeks, with a mid-term integration, and a closing circles. The length of this course is set in a very intentional manner for experiential learning, personal truth contemplation around the topics, and embodied integration of the content.

The course runs March 6th-August 28th, 2023.  You will then have the opportunity to schedule two private, one-on-one, follow-up sessions with Stacia to ask questions and receive energetic support as you start to bring the techniques more into your own personal practices.

Another piece of the puzzle!

As an established practitioner, you likely have helped many clients achieve success, but have noticed some people get stuck at a certain threshold of healing, and you want to help them continue progressing. A next step, or the missing piece, for many is the energetic and/or spiritual component. The world is opening more and more to this need, and this information will benefit you AND your clients. Together we will learn and utilize proven Intuitive Tools, Energy Awareness techniques, & Spiritual Principles to move your personal transformation, and work with clients, to the next level.

In this program you will:

Embody New Ways to Care for Yourself

Learn techniques to ground yourself; set healthy energetic personal and work-based boundaries; free yourself from old patterns of responsibility and fixing; let go of your day, and clients, in a whole new way; find additional ways to become more consciously aware and intentional with your personal well-being and client care. Understand the different ways empathy can be experienced within yourself and how to utilize this knowledge for healing!

Reconnect to Your Vision & Values

As someone in the healing profession you are likely familiar with the idea of compassion/sympathy fatigue – especially after the last 2-years of living through a global pandemic.  You may feel exhausted and desire some help getting back to your passion and reasons for being in this profession – or are keen on finding some new ways to minimize burnout.  These tools, and a supportive group of other professionals, will inspire the change that you wish to FEEL in the world, and offer you some new ways to hold that same space for clients.

Tune Into Your Wisdom & Strengths

Experience a unique methodology, and guided meditations, to open up to and regularly utilize your intuition, likely in a way you have never done before.  Learn about the different ways nervous systems sense energy (somatic feelings, knowings, visions, etc) and how those link to certain spiritual definitions (clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance, etc). This will bring a new clarity around what your 6th sense gifts are (we all have them!), how to recognize them within others, and then use this knowledge for empowerment and healing.

Understand The Correlation Between Energy and Spirit

Through a proven format of meditations and other techniques you will experientially learn how orchestrating your own energetic tapestry will have ripple effects throughout your circle of life.  Develop your awareness and ability to work with the unseen element of energy, relate it to spiritual philosophies and how the integrate it into our lived human experience.  You will witness, firsthand, the magic of how your personal and client relationships will evolve – sometimes in the most unexpected and profound ways!

Inspiration, Motivation & Community

Come together with other psychotherapists to experience the powerful intersection of spirituality and psychotherapy. First and foremost this will be for your own self-care, and then discussions will be held on what ways this might best be integrated into your professional practices; receive accountability support around implementation within your own life as well as logistically how it may (or may not) be used to assist clientele.

From Basic Energy Principles to Esoteric Spiritual Philosophies

Here is where it gets really cool: In addition to basic grounding and energetic emodiment practices, you will be introduced to some advanced spiritual philosophies.

You will learn tried and true techniques to unlock your ability to intuitively “read” energy with clarity, trust and discernment.  Energetic and spiritual information found in aura layers, chakras, metaphorical symbols, and even past lives can offer a surprisingly clear map to what is happening in an individual’s life. You will get to practice techniques on how to affect change within your energy field, and see how that affects the tapestry of interconnectedness.

We will also discuss even more esoteric spiritual principles such as the concept of entities, spirit guides, spiritual agreements, ancestral implications (dna codes & ancestor beings), and other unseen energetic frequencies that can amplify a person’s mental/emotional/physical challenges and strengths. You will get a lot of “ahas” and new ways to assist in areas where people (including yourself!) tend to be really stuck. Discussions will be held, with personal confidentiality in mind, about how this all may play into experiences with clients.

Above all else, you will learn how the work is first and foremost for yourself. You will see how these philosophies and practices can bring further healing and ease within. An emphasis will be placed on finding personal truth, defining the meaning of God and Divinity for yourself and holding space for other’s beliefs as well.

No Spiritual Bi-Passing

We will emphasize discussions, awareness and personal practice around how this information is meant to aid in a more grounded and present-time embodiment. How to get out of toxic positivity, feel the feelings, master mindset observations, and live in more permission to experience the full-spectrum that life has to offer: physically, mentally, and emotionally!

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a more comprehensive outline of the course content.

Still wondering if this course is for you?

This program IS for you if:

  • You are a psychotherapist (practicing any type of therapy) and have an established client base
  • You are looking for some more ways to care for yourself and curb burnout
  • You are looking for additional tools to ground and focus
  • You would love to understand and trust your intuition more concretely
  • You are sensitive and empathic, and want to learn how to leverage those qualities within yourself more consciously (with boundaries and intention!)
  • Want to take your space-holding abilities into a whole new realm
  • Would like some new ways to work with the concept of transference
  • Are excited to add another layer of understanding to your definition of embodiment as multi-dimensional/complex human beings
  • You are open to new ways of thinking and working
  • You desire to explore new concepts around God, The Universe and Divinity
  • You are seeking new tools to go deeper with your clients – and adding intuition, energy awareness, and spiritual philosophies to your “toolset” gets you really excited
  • You desire to connect with like-minded souls for personal growth and  inspiration in your workspace
  • You understand growth is uncomfortable, and are open to continuing your own personal development
  • You want to learn new ways to help make a difference in the world

This program IS NOT for you if:

  • You have not yet, or just recently, started your therapy practice
  • You are resistant to personal growth and change
  • You are not open to new concepts of spirituality beyond a specific religious program or atheism
  • You don’t believe in magical things like intuition and energy healing
  • You are not at all curious about spirituality, energy awareness, and other unseen esoteric concepts and how they might intersect with client care
Imagine the possibilities in learning more about the  intersection of spirituality and psychotherapy

Who are your facilitators?

Rt. Rev. Stacia Synnestvedt

Stacia has been teaching intuitive development and spiritual healing courses courses since 2008, as well as offering pioneering work with one-on-clients for over 16 years.

She is an ordained Bishop, a spiritual teacher and counselor, and intuitive healer who earned her meditation teaching certificate, and multiple-levels of Non-denominational spiritual ordainmanships, at The Church of Inner Truth in Santa Fe, NM and The Church of Inner Light in Boulder, CO. 

Stacia, often referred to as “the healers healer” and the “teacher’s teacher”, has been blessed with many professional connections in the therapeutic world. She is honored to receive client referrals from psychotherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, teachers, doctors, energy healers and more. Additionally, she has had the privilege to hold space for many therapists’ own healing in group classes and private sessions.

Over the years, Stacia has had many of her professional students and clients inquire, “but, how can I really integrate this into my client practice?’, and she has seen the wonderful ways in which they eventually bring forth a merging of the two worlds in their own unique ways. Stacia is extremely excited about the container of this new program, where the power of group experience, observation, and conversation can bring new clarity and inspiration into how the intersection of spirituality and psychotherapy can be integrated in a grounded and real-world way, yet help with an evolution of transformation for both the practitioner and client. 

Stacia has a deep pool of knowledge and observations from her personal studies, teachings, and professional work to offer healers and therapists on their path. It is her life’s mission to support others as they transform and grow with the help of their intuition and understanding of Spirit!  Most importantly, Stacia takes pride in walking the talk, and has lived her life authentically healing, growing and integrating these techniques within herself.  She is excited to bring this work more specifically to psychotherapists, within a container of like-minded professionals, to enhance personal well-being, and bring forth an evolution in service capacity.

Shelly King, MA + LPC

 Shelly has taken 2+ years of Intuitive Training coursework with Stacia, and will be joining this group as a Teaching Assistant & discussion facilitator. She has wonderful experiences of self-reflection and personal inquiry into how to bring this work into one’s own life, as well as a professional space.

Shelly has extensive training in multiple modalities that she brings into her therapy practice, including: PACT couples therapy, neuroscience, arousal regulation, brainspotting, mindfulness, grief counseling, psychodynamic psychotherapy and client centered counseling, heart-based training in relational neuroscience for healing trauma, somatic soul-based trauma trainings, and more. Shelly also facilitates groups for grief and loss, as well as offers relational based workshops around parenting for couples.

We are honored to have Shelly joining us to hold space within this new professional group! To learn more about Shelly, please visit her website!


Jenevieve Russell, MA, LPC, CD

Trauma-informed perinatal psychotherapist at & co-founder of

Working with Stacia through two years of coursework led me on a journey that solidified the certainty that not only am I meant to do this work, but that I absolutely can and should integrate it with other modalities when working with my therapy clients. The result has been impactful for both myself and my clients. I feel more authentic in how I am showing up as a healer and as a result, my clients are able to find new ways to take up the space they need for healing. I can use some of my most beloved therapy techniques while also tuning in intuitively, using and teaching energetic boundaries, and reaching new places with the tools I have learned through intuitive training. Emily Souder, MA, MSW, LCSW-C, PMH-C

Psychotherapy During Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Early Parenthood: & Intuitive Guidance & Reiki:

Working with Stacia created big movement in my work and my personal life. My biggest hangup in fully accessing my gifts was with regard to self doubt. Stacia‘s matter of fact and deeply compassionate approach was highly affirming. The specific skills and tools practiced throughout the training have had profound implications in my practice with therapy clients. Not only am I more highly attuned, but my clients are benefiting as I pass my new knowledge on to them. I’m so grateful to be part of such a wise and supportive healing community. Valerie McManus, LCSW-C

Intuitive Psychotherapist:

Working with Stacia is like coming home. She creates a grounded, nonjudgmental, warm and welcoming space to explore your unique connection to intuition. She teaches practical, concrete tools to support your discernment and find your clarity and seniority. Doing this work increased my self confidence as a therapist, and confirmed what I intuitively knew – energy and intuition is life, and that shows up in the therapy room too. For example, I’ve used what I learned in her classes to help me work with boundaries for myself and clients. I’ve used tools of grounding, releasing and pulling back in one’s own energy. I speak with clients about tuning into their own intuition and how to come to know this voice over fear and anxiety. And I speak with clients of noticing their energy, and when someone else’s energy might be in their space. Training with Stacia slowly and surely changed my private practice, and my life. I highly recommend working with her if you feel called to explore this next step. Shelly King, MA, LPC

From my perspective, there are many ways of knowing; there are book-smarts, street-smarts and Spirit-smarts. Stacia has been a significant influence on my development of the latter. She has instructed and modeled how to trust this insight, and use it in practical ways.

As a psychotherapist, having the ability to recognize deeper layers of need, access inner wisdom and have a Spirit orientation has been invaluable. Utilizing spiritual tools has shifted my practice and created a holistic self-care routine; they heighten my awareness, lighten my load and invigorate my being daily. I highly recommend working with Stacia to develop your intuitive skills, to serve yourself and your clients more fully. Christina Valastro, MA

Soul Savvy Insight

This unique group will be an experiential offering to explore the energetic tapestry that connects all of us.  You will learn new meditations and mindfulness tools to serve your own well-being; trust, discern, and utilize your intuition in new ways; and deep dive into spiritual philosophies that will offer insight and new aha’s into your pyschotherapy thought scape. With this methodology you will feel safe and guided as you open up to YOUR sixth-sense. You will have a much deeper and thorough understanding of the intersection of spirituality and psychotherapy.

As you experientially learn, practice and discuss in the weekly zoom calls, you will receive validation, insights, guidance, and trust that your intuition can benefit all areas of your life. As you progress in your energetic practices and spiritual awarenesses you will notice BIG shifts within yourself and your practice! The space will be held with the intention of embodied integration, so you can feel the work in action.

Included in the course:

  • Weekly video meeting via zoom, for a total of 26-live meetings
  • Presented in 2-modules with a 2-month integration period in between
  • Each class is a 2-hour video call with audio recording for your reference
  • A printed journal/workbook sent to you in the mail (because real mail is awesome!)
  • The Reclaim Your Space + How To Read Energy Courses + Intuitive Training Program tailored specifically for people with your professional background
  • A private online community
  • A safe and supportive environment for which to learn and grow in
  • A container for discussion and experiential integration with others in your field
  • Two personal one-to-one sessions with Stacia during the 2-month integration period between the live modules
  • Email support
  • Access to the full recorded version of the Intuitive Training program that is offered to non-professionals for your additional growth and learning
  • For a taste of the content scroll to the bottom of the page!
All to enhance your journey as you:

  • Learn techniques to ground, clear and own your energy and well-being
  • Clear burn-out and get re-inspired
  • Contemplate the intersection between Psychotherapy & Spirituality with other professionals
  • Discover How To Read Energy: within yourself and apply it
  • Trust your intuition, and use it to clear energetic blocks that hold people back
  • Open up to the expansive abilities of your 6th sense in a certain, safe and controllable way
  • Practice energy healing techniques
  • Build a new toolkit to use in your life and practice
  • Refresh your commitment to the healing profession with new inspiring practices, philosophies and professional connections
  • Transform old stories/patterns
  • Gain insight into the waves (ups and downs) of life, and ride them with more awareness
  • Learn new ways to help your clients ride those waves too
  • And so much more!

Sign up now! Registration deadline is February 3rd, 2022








Join the professional group to

Evolve Your Private Practice

an 6-month experiential container to explore the intersection between psychotheraphy & spirituality!

Begins March 6th, 2023 | Cost $2900

*payment plans available!

A preview to what we will cover:

Participants will learn a proven format to set energetic boundaries, know/clear their own energy, tap into their intuition in a more concrete way, and actually learn how to read energy within oneself, and for others, utilizing easy to access intuitive tools. A common thread that will be traced throughout all of the content will be the invitation to find your own personal truth around the meaning of spirit, God/Source/The Universe, and The Divine.

With each topic we will do visualizations/meditations, partner exercises, and offer intuitive guidance to one another (different than advice!), do energy work and discuss how to integrate the work as psychotherapists!

Understanding Basic Energy principles for well being, healing & transformation – and what this all has to do with Spirituality

Live meeting 1: Foundational Meditation — Grounding, Center of Head, Gold Sun/Your Vitality, Aura, Running Earth & Cosmic Energy, Protection Rose; Introduction to neutrality and being the observer

Live meeting 2: Setting Energetic Boundaries, More tools for Clearing Your Energy, Brief discussion on burnout and transference

How To Tap Into Your Intuition for yourself and clients (reading energy)

Live meeting 3: Reading Tools: lower chakras, reading screen/triangle, rose reading (how to read a spirit present time and the journey); using symbol to read energy and set space for yourself & others

Live meeting 4: Group discussion about how to integrate into your personal & professional practices

Spiritual Principles to bring clarity, knowingness

Live meeting 5: Past Lives: how past lives contribute to present day issues –  is this pattern or trauma rooted beyond this life?  & what to do about it.

Live meeting 6: Auras/Chakras: how this information can aid in progress/transformation/growth; Energy Cords, Whacks, Tears consequences & how to clear/prevent

Live meeting 7: Understanding Growth Periods from an Energetic Perspective

Matching Pictures: “Transference” 

Live meeting 8: What is a matching picture, how to work with them intuitively/energetically

Live meeting 9:  Holding Space from an Energetic Perspective (techniques); discussion on how this work helps YOU and your CLIENTS

Mental Health & Mindset Work

Live meeting 10: Analyzer, Self-Trashing Machine

Understanding Emotional Energetics to Clear Old Patterns & Blocks: various frequencies & full-spectrum experiencing

Live meeting 11: Neutrality, Effort & Resistance, Responsibility, Control, Competition,  Expectations, Limits, Shame, Amusement, Desire

Redefining Neutrality

Live meeting 12: Dichotomy work (how being stuck to one end of a spectrum (mentally or emotionally) keeps healing from happening

Live meeting 13: Integration Circle


Perspective on A Soul’s Evolution & Present Time Lessons

Live meeting 14: Perfect Pictures/Core Pictures, awareness of and how they keep people stuck and/or help growth

Live meeting 15: Body/Spirit Clocks, Identifying where a person is at in their soul’s journey present time and how gaps between body and spirit can create chaos in people’s lives; bringing transformation to the space

(how this information can also parallel hormonal changes, affect mental health, etc)

Live meeting 16: 7-year cycles & other repeating energy patterns/life experiences: how to identify them, what they mean, and what to do about it.

Other Types of Energy in the Body That Can Affect Overall well-being

Live meeting 17: Masculine/Feminine Energies (everyone can have both, and understanding how this relates to gender/non-gender evolution)

Live meeting 18: Kundalini Energy (can be healing and/or cause existential crisis/dark night of the soul)

Live meeting 19: Subtle energetic bodies, and their relationships: physical, mental, emotional, astral

Understanding Beings/Entities & Trance-mediumship

Live meeting 20: Understanding Trance-mediumship & how can be helpful and/or perpetuates stuck patterns, effect on mental & emotional well-being

Live meetingk 21: Owning your space around entities; recognizing around you, and within client space; basics on how to clear them

Spiritual Agreements & Family Energy

Live meeting 22: Explore the concept of Spiritual Agreements/Relationships; Birth Agreements, Parents Energy; Spiritual Anatomy (how the energetic signature channels into the body via genetic codes)

Karma & Dharma

Live meeting 23: Understanding Karma from a spiritual perspective (likely a little different than you think!). How to move from Karmic based patterns into present time (Dharma) creation.

Live meeting 24:  Forgiveness, an energetic practice

Defining your own Divinity, present time

Live meeting 25: Practice, reflection, sharing/discussion

Live meeting 26: Closing Circle; honoring